Energoinvest, d.d. Sarajevo – for over 70 years of business has developed into a leading multidisciplinary engineering company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which provides design services, delivery of equipment and lines construction of complex facilities around the world on a “turnkey” basis.

Energoinvest is an export-oriented company that during its existence-built tens of thousands of kilometers of transmission lines, thousands of substations and a significant number of Hydro and Thermal power plants, Thermal energy and Process plants thanks to the skill, knowledge and experience of Energoinvest’s experts.




Installation and commissioning of substations
Proper installation, testing, and commissioning are crucial for the reliable operation of any system, whether it is the installation of a new substation or the extension and renovation of an existing one.
Energoinvest has comprehensive experience in the installation and commissioning of equipment and projects worldwide, consistently applying high health and safety standards.


Transmission lines

Thousands of kilometers of built and tested transmission lines, all with voltage levels up to 500 kV, represent Energoinvest’s references around the world.
For years, Energoinvest’s teams have become recognizable for the implementation of projects for the construction of substations and transmission lines using the “turnkey” system.
Reconstruction, rehabilitation, and expansion of existing transmission lines: design, construction works of foundations and groundings, installation of poles and electrical assembly works.


Thermal power

In the field of thermal power, Energoinvest has extensive experience and a high level of technical expertise, especially in the field of energy production from traditional energy sources. Energoinvest participated in the preparation and implementation of investments and in the provision of technical support during the construction and commissioning of almost all major thermal power facilities, plants and systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in the region.



As a pioneer in the development of hydropower in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Energoinvest participated in the development of almost the entire hydropower system, in which it designed most of the hydropower plants. To date, several large hydropower plants have been built based on Energoinvest’s projects, which have earned a firm and enviable reputation in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as abroad. Energoinvest also developed numerous projects of small hydropower plants, most of which have been built.


Architecture and Civil Engineering

The architectural and construction department specializes in the creation of all types of projects of various purposes and sizes, from residential buildings to industrial, business and sports facilities.

Thermal energy facilities

Hydropower facilities

Industrial facilities

Facilities in the power industry

Public buildings and facilities

Plants for wastewater treatment


Information and communication technologies

Turnkey Solutions for Telecommunication Systems (SDH, PDH, WDM/DWDM, PLC, Teleprotection, WiMAX, P2P and P2MP, Radio UHF/HF/VHF/SDH/PDH/Ethernet, Power Systems, Shelters)

Telecommunication Access Networks

Optical Link Paths, Optical Networks, and Hybrid (HFC) Networks

Base Station Infrastructure

4g lte/lte+

Traditional and NGN Switching Systems (PAX/PABX, xDSL, MSAN, Softswitch, OSS/BSS)

Other Integrated Telecommunication Solutions for Mobile/Fixed
Network Operators and Companies in the Oil, Gas, and Power Sectors


Oil and Gas

History Energoinvest, d.d.-Sarajevo has been the bearer of the idea of gasification of Bosnia and Herzegovina since the very beginning of the eighties of the twentieth century. This idea was later fully realized through the design and supervision of the implementation of the entire gas-pipeline construction project in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so that it can rightly be said that Energoinvest, d.d.-Sarajevo is the main carrier of all activities in natural gas business in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Trade and Services

Import of gas for the needs of the Bosnia and Herzegovina market.

Engagement of workforce from Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad to provide services in the oil fields and terminals.

Procurement and sale, in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad, of serial electrical equipment and spare parts, armatures and spare parts, mechanical equipment and spare parts.

Compensation, related and re-export jobs.
Representation and mediation in the field of trade.

Leasing business premises and buildings owned by Energoinvest d.d.


Blum R&D labs - Smart City technologies

Blum, a technological solution for measuring air pollution, is a cooperative project between Energoinvest, the leading engineering company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and UNDP.
Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has one of the worst air pollutions in Europe. This project sought to contribute to the reduction of pollutions by collecting reliable and relevant data on pollution sources and making them publicly available for social and scientific use.


Environmental protection, arrangement of waterways and water treatment

Environmental protection is a set of appropriate activities and measures aimed at preventing pollution and environmental pollution, preventing damage, reducing and/or eliminating damage caused to the environment, and returning the environment to the state before the damage occurred. Taking into account all above mentioned, Energoinvest, as part of its projects, deals with environmental protection, arrangement of waterways, as well as water treatment.

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