Market and trading network in the world

Our trade network in the world

Implementation per countries

The presence of Energoinvest in the market, monitoring of trends and market events are ensured through a network of its own and joint companies, representations, and agents around the world.

The quality of its products and services has enabled Energoinvest to establish a strong market position in most markets worldwide, as evidenced by significant references and constructed facilities of capital value.

Focus of Energoinvest's Market Operations

The focus of Energoinvest’s market operations today includes: Traditional markets – where Energoinvest has been continuously present for many years (Algeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Libya, Iraq, Mexico) Countries in the region: Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo EU markets Markets with potential: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Kenya, Botswana, Tunisia, and other African countries where the construction of the highest energy facilities is planned.

Our trade network in the world

Partnership with leading global companies

The sales network abroad plays a very important role for more efficient processing of the market, the formation of consortium performances of Energoinvest with leading world companies, as well as other forms of cooperation, and the conquest of new markets and obtaining significant business

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