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Energoinvest is a distinguished company whose main activity is the construction of turnkey power infrastructure. It has been widely recognized as a reliable partner by its business excellence and services quality. Energoinvest provides services that include design, delivery of equipment and construction of complex facilities in the fields of power engineering, hydraulic and civil engineering, automation, thermal energy and process plants, communication technologies.

Electrical and data networks


Nowadays the focus of Energoinvest’s market activities are: Traditional markets – where Energoinvest has been continuously present for years (Algeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Libya, Iraq, Mexico); Countries in the region: Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo.EU marketsEU markets

Markets with potential: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Kenya, Botswana, Tunisia and other countries in Africa where the construction of the most energy facilities is planned.

60 000 km

Transmission lines

We are improving the world’s energy system to ensure sustainable, flexible and safe operation of the transmission network in the long term, thereby reducing system costs and increasing network reliability.

Energoinvest has proven results, representative offices and subsidiaries in several markets, with headquartered in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Integrated management system

The integrated management system at Energoinvest is accepted as a key factor of a successful business policy and is implemented in all business functions, processes and activities.



Blum Lab and Smart Technologies

Blum Lab is an incubator that combines software, hardware, and human resources, with a focus on the new generation of products in the field of creating, developing, and implementing Smart City Technology. Blum R&D Lab Energoinvest was founded in 2017 as a center for research and development of new technologies. It was named after Emerik Blum, the founder of Energoinvest, under whose leadership the first computer center in the region was built in 1966, and the first computer IRIS in 1984. The goal of Blum Lab is direct access to the latest technologies, which is a continuation of the long-standing practice of the company to invest in new technologies and improvements. Blum Lab is a continuation of Energoinvest’s long-standing practice of investing in the training of young people with new technologies, through which more than 10,000 young people have been awarded scholarships, more than 20,000 have been directly trained, and the careers of more than 100,000 people have been improved through on-the-job training, who have worked in Energoinvest during its 70+ years of existence.

ISO 9001:2015 quality management system

By launching new businesses, investing in young people, and learning from the experiences of older colleagues, Energoinvest continues to lead the way in the field of education. It has always followed new trends and been a part of modern technological solutions, which was also the vision of its founder Emerik Blum.


Energoinvest in the world

With the quality of its products and services, Energoinvest has achieved a strong market position in most markets, as countries evidenced by numerous references, as well as built facilities of significant capital value. Energoinvest’s presence on the market, monitoring of trends, as well as increasing market share have been assured through a network of own and joint companies, representative offices and agents in the world. In addition to the strong competition dominant on the world market, the company successfully secures business in its traditional markets with the tendency to increase its presence in new markets in the future. When implementing the business strategy, Energoinvest strives to form consortia arrangements, as well as to foster other forms of cooperation with leading global companies and relevant financial institutions to increase its market share.

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