Transmission lines

Main references of Energoinvest are thousands of Power Transmission lines of all voltage levels up to 500 kV designed,
supplied and constructed all over the world.

Energoinvest is highly experienced and well known for implementation of “turn key” projects
that includes design of power transmission lines and design of P.T.L.
Towers and foundations, supply of towers and all power transmission lines equipment,
all construction works (civil works,
erection of towers and electromechanical/stringing works), testing and commissioning.

During period of 70 years Energoinvest designed, supplied and constructed more than 60.000 kilometers of power transmission lines of all voltage levels up to 500 kV all around the world including supply of more than 800.000 tons of power transmission line towers.
About 80 percent of all a.m. projects were implemented abroad.

The structure of completed projects is ranging in different voltage levels as follows:

up to – 88 kV (32.000 km)
110 kV – 161 kV (12.000 km)
220 kV – 275 kV (13.000 km)
330 kV – 500 kV (5.000 km)

Energoinvest Scope of activities/services in the filed of power transmission lines are:

Implementation of „turn key“ Power Transmission Line Projects of all voltage levels up to 500 kV
(Design, Supply, Construction, Testing and Commissioning),

Design and Supply of Steel Lattice Towers and all other Power Transmission line materials

Design, Supply and Construction of Steel Lattice towers for Telecommunication antennas,

Design, Supply and Installation of Underground Power and Optical cables (Design
and Construction)

Electrification of Oil wells (Design, Supply and Installation/Construction works)

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