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Blum: a technological solution for measuring air pollution

Blum, a technological solution for measuring air pollution, is a cooperative project created between Energoinvest, the leading engineering company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and UNDP.

Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has one of the worst air pollutions in Europe. This project sought to contribute to the reduction of pollutions by collecting reliable and relevant data on pollution sources and making them publicly available for social and scientific use.

“Our goal is to improve the current situation related to air quality by creating technological solutions for air pollution in our city. This project is truly cross-sectoral – it affects human rights, children, young people, the elderly, the environment, economic growth – it strengthens the public-private dialogue and civil society in general.”

Hardware and software solution for measuring air pollution in the boxy system.

This project developed hardware and software solutions that determined the exact sources of pollution using live sensor data, measuring more than 500 data points at 100 locations in the municipality of Stari Grad, Sarajevo.

The project related to air quality monitoring – boxy systems refers to the measurement of air pollution levels (measurement of PM particles in the air – PM1, PM2.5 and PM10).

The basic idea of the boxy system is that an individual can monitor the state of air quality, on the web or mobile applications.

The goal is to contribute to the reduction of pollution by collecting reliable and relevant data publicly available to the community.

Such a system consists of sensors, electronic elements and devices integrated into a unique system that processes, stores and displays air quality data through software with real-time cloud synchronization. The data is available at any time using the web or mobile application, where it is possible to access the map, current and average readings with real-time updates of data and parameters.

Hardware elements:

1. Air quality sensors (PM2.5, PM5, PM10)
2. Environmental sensors (temperature, humidity, air pressure)
3. Wireless connection
4. Waterproof housing
5. Built-in lamp that changes the color of the light according to the quality of the air

Software elements:

1. Map of all sensors
2. Status of each individual sensor
3. Warnings for values below and/or above thresholds
4. Mobile application for citizens
5. Real time update
6. Cloud-based technology

Air pollution measurement with assistance of 3 components

The technical solution for measuring air pollution consists of 3 main components: 1. Electronic components with sensors connected to an electrical circuit with a microcontroller, forming a system for measuring, converting and collecting data on PM particles; 2. Cloud software that processes, stores and analyzes live sensor data in real time; 3. Visualization and management software that displays all data on the web, mobile applications and control center screens. Measurement data is collected (for PM1, PM 2.5, 5 PM10), analyzed, stored and publicly available to all and can be displayed on mobile phones, tablets, website, embeddable widgets and on the big screen, with the aim of raising awareness and informing the local community.

A superior user experience provides a deeper understanding of the environment

The app assures comprehensive data and trend charts to provide a deeper understanding of the environment, air pollution patterns and insight into the source of poor air quality as it occurs. New systems/sensors are much cheaper, foto smaller, portable, easier to maintain and more pleasant to use. Better quality results are achieved thanks to the resolution of the coverage and the huge amount of live data and constant streaming of the situation. All data is presented in applications, analyzed in AI algorithms and used to create engagement, solutions and ultimately actions towards a higher quality of life. This approach aims to start the process of finding a solution to the problem of air pollution.
Blum Lab is an incubator that combines software, hardware, and human resources, with a focus on the new generation of products in the field of creating, developing, and implementing Smart City Technology. Blum R&D Lab Energoinvest was founded in 2017 as a center for research and development of new technologies. It was named after Emerik Blum, the founder of Energoinvest, under whose leadership the first computer center in the region was built in 1966, and the first computer IRIS in 1984. The goal of Blum Lab is direct access to the latest technologies, which is a continuation of the long-standing practice of the company to invest in new technologies and improvements.

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