Thousands of kilometers of built and tested power lines and substations, of various voltage levels, around the world are references of the Energoinvest company. For years, Energoinvest teams have become recognizable for the implementation of projects for the construction of substations and transmission lines according to the “turnkey” system.


Projects and references

Our projects

In Tanzania Energoinvest successfully completed Contract concluded with Tanesco/Tanzania Electric Supply Company.
One of the largest turnkey projects - the 400/220kV and 220/60kV El Milia substations was realized in cooperation with Energoinvest.
The project falls under the field of cogeneration of electricity and gas, district heating.
Our list of projects and satisfied clients is long. Take a look…


Transport system for ash disposal in REK Oslomej (1×125 MW)

Reconstruction of the TENT B ash removal system

Rehabilitation of the mechanical and electrical equipment of the cooling towers of block 7 in the Kakanj thermal power plant

Reconstruction of the fly-ash silos in Thermal Power Plant Kakanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Rekonstrukcija sistema odlaganja pepela po sistemu ” ključ u ruke ” u TE ” Nikola Tesla B ” Obrenovac, Srbija

Klijent / Public Enterprise Elektroprivreda Serbia
Osoblje / N/A
Vrijednost / 16.000.000,00 EUR
Status / Završeno

Hidraulični sistemi za prenos letećeg i donjeg pepela po sistemu ” ključ u ruke ” u TE ” Oslomej ” Kičevo, Makedonija

Klijent / Public Enterprise ELEM
Osoblje / N/A
Vrijednost / 2.050.000,00 EUR
Status / Završeno

Reconstruction of the ESP and modernization of the system for transporting ash and deposited ash according to the “turnkey” system in TPP “Tuzla” block 6, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Development of a study of hydropower utilization of the Bioštica river (HP Kruševo – 10.7 and HP Zeleni vir – 2.35 MW)

Investment and technical documentation of preparatory works for the construction of HPP Vranduk 20MW

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